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Gaelic name Aboot this soondGiogha [1]
Pronunciation [ˈkʲi.ə]
Norse name Guðey[2]
Meanin o name Auld Norse, probably "God's island" or "guid island"
Gigha is locatit in Argyll an Bute
Gigha shawn within Argyll an Bute
OS grid reference NR647498
Coordinates 55°41′N 5°45′W / 55.68°N 5.75°W / 55.68; -5.75
Physical geography
Island group Islay
Aurie 1,395 hectares (5.39 sq mi)
Aurie rank 41[3][4]
Heichest elevation Creag Bhàn 100 metres (328 ft)
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Kintra Scotland
Cooncil aurie Argyll an Bute
Population 163[5]
Population rank 37 [4]
Population density 11.7 fowk/km2[5][6]
Lairgest settlement Ardminish
References [7]

The Isle o Gigha (/ˈɡə/; Scots Gaelic: 'Giogha') is a smaw island off the wast coast o Kintyre in Scotland. The island forms part o Argyll an Bute an haes a uisually resident population o aboot 160 fowk. The climate is mild wi heicher nor average sunshine oors an the siles are fertile.

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Coordinates: 55°41′N 5°45′W / 55.683°N 5.750°W / 55.683; -5.750