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Gaelic nameCola
Pronunciation[ˈkʰɔl̪ˠə] ( listen)
Meanin o namePre-Celtic an unclear
View o Arinagour
View o Arinagour
Coll is located in Argyll and Bute
Coll shawn within Argyll an Bute
OS grid referenceNM207584
Coordinates56°38′N 6°33′W / 56.64°N 6.55°W / 56.64; -6.55
Physical geography
Island groupMull
Aurie7,685 ha (29 58 sq mi)[1]
Aurie rank18 [2]
Heichest elevationBen Hogh 106 m (348 ft)[1]
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Cooncil aurieArgyll an Bute
Population rank32 [2]
Population density2.5/km2 (6.5/sq mi)[1][3]
Lairgest settlementArinagour[1]
Designatit31 Mairch 1995
Reference no.723[5]

Coll (Scots Gaelic: Cola)[6] is an isle locatit wast o the Isle o Mull in the Inner Hebrides o Scotland. It is kent fur its saundy strands, that rise tae form muckle saund dunes, fur its corncrakes, an fur Breachacha Castle. It is in the Argyll an Bute cooncil area.


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Coll is aboot 13 mile (21 kilometre) lang bi 3 mile (5 kilometre) wide an haes a population o aboot 150. The heichist pynt on Coll is Ben Hogh in the mid-wast o the isle, that is a ridge wi twa taps rinnin northwast til sootheast. It rises initial tae a heich o 104 metre (341 feet), wi a triangulation pillar, an tae 106 m (348 ft) 450 m (492 yd) tae the sootheast.[4]


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Coordinates: 56°38′00″N 6°33′26″W / 56.63333°N 6.55722°W / 56.63333; -6.55722