The Hop

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St Margaret's Hup, kent locally as The Hop, is a clachan in the Orkney Islands, situate aff the north-aest coast o Scotland. It is Orkney's third maist muckle settlement, efter Kirkwa an Stromness. It haes a population o aboot 550, an is placed at the heid o a sheltered bey at the north end o Sooth Ronaldsay, aff Water Soond. It is Sooth Ronaldsay's main veelage, an is named efter Margaret o Norrowey that dee'd there. The veelage haes a primary schuil, a smaw blacksmith's museum, a nummer o shops an restaurants includin the merkit Creel Inn. A ferry service rins tae Gills Bey on the Scots mainland three times a day, wi an average time o an oor ae-wey.

It is kent for its annual Boys' Plouin Match an aw, a local tradeetion whaur young lads plous in the saunds at the nearby Saund o Wricht, an young lasses weirs tradeetional 'horse' costumes.

Coordinates: 58°49′33″N 2°57′39″W / 58.8259°N 2.9608°W / 58.8259; -2.9608