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Norse nameÖmstr[1]
Meanin o namePossibly pre-Celtic
Unst is located in Shetland
Unst shawn within Shetland
OS grid referenceHP600091
Coordinates60°45′N 0°53′W / 60.75°N 0.88°W / 60.75; -0.88
Physical geography
Island groupShetland
Aurie120.68 km²
Aurie rank14 [2]
Heichest elevationSaxa Vord, 284 m
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Cooncil aurieShetland Islands
Population rank19 [2]
Population density5.2 fowk/km2[3][4]
Lairgest settlementBaltasound

Unst is ane o the North Isles o the Shetland Islands, Scotland. It is the northrenmaist o the inhabitit Breetish Isles an is the third lairgest island in Shetland efter the Mainland an Yell. It haes an aurie o 46 square mile (120 km2).[4]

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Coordinates: 60°45′N 0°53′W / 60.750°N 0.883°W / 60.750; -0.883