Linga, Yell

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Gaelic name Unknown
Norse name Lyngey
Meanin o name Heather Island
Linga is locatit in Shetland
Linga shawn within Shetland
OS grid reference HU557986
Coordinates 60°40′N 1°00′W / 60.66°N 1.0°W / 60.66; -1.0
Physical geography
Island group Shetland
Aurie 45 ha (111 acres)
Aurie rank 210= [1]
Heichest elevation 26 m (85 ft)
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Kintra Scotland
Cooncil aurie Shetland
Population nil
References [2][3][4]

Linga is a very smaa uninhabitit island in the Bluemull Soond, Shetland, Scotland. It is ane o mony islands in Shetland cried Linga. It haes an aurie o 45 ha an is 26m at its heichest pynt.

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Coordinates: 60°40′N 0°59′W / 60.667°N 0.983°W / 60.667; -0.983