Ooter Hebrides

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Na h-Eileanan Siar cooncil aurie athin Scotland

The Ooter Hebrides or Wastren Isles (offeicialie kent bi the Scots Gaelic name Na h-Eileanan Siar) is an iland chain aff the wast coast o Scotland.

Thay furm pairt o the Hebrides, sindert frae the Scots mainlaund an frae the Inner Hebrides bi the watherfu wattirs o the Minch, the Littil Minch an the Sie o the Hebrides. The main leid o the ilands, Scots Gaelic, is yit wydlie spoken e'en tho it haes nou been maistlins supplantit bi Inglis in sum pairts.

Cooncil auries o Scotland
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