Compton Mackenzie

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Sir Compton Mackenzie
BornEdward Montague Compton Mackenzie
17 Januar 1883(1883-01-17)
West Hartlepool, County Durham, Ingland, UK
Dee'd30 November 1972(1972-11-30) (aged 89)
Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Cause o daith
Naitural causes
Restin place
Barra, Scotland, UK
ThriftScots croquet player, actor, broadcaster, writer and political activist
Years active1907–1971
Notable wirk(s)Whisky Galore
The Monarch of the Glen
Hame tounBarra
Hauf-marrae(s)Faith Stone (1905–60; her death)
Christine McSween (1962–63; her daith)
Lillian McSween (1965–1972; his daith)
KinFay Compton (sister)
Viola Compton (sister)
Henry Compton (grandfaither)

Sir Compton Mackenzie, OBE (17 Januar 1883 – 30 November 1972) wis a Scots writer o fiction, biographie, histories an a memoir, as weel as a cultural commentator, raconteur an lifelang Scots naitionalist. He wis ane o the co-foonders in 1928 o the Scots National Pairty alang wi Hugh MacDiarmid, RB Cunninghame Graham an John MacCormick. He wis knichtit in 1952.