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Saunt Columba
Columba at Bridei's fort.jpg
Saunt Columba, Apostle tae the Pechts
Apostle o the Picts
Born 7 December 521(521-12-07)
Gartan, Coonty Donegal, Ireland
Dee'd 9 Juin 597(597-06-09) (aged 75)
Iona, Scotland
Veneratit in Orthodox Kirk
Roman Catholic Kirk
Lutheran Kirk
Anglican Communion
Presbyterian Kirk
Major shrine Iona, Scotland
Feast 9 Juin
Attributes monk's robes, Celtic tonsur an crosier.
Patronage Derry, fluids, beukbinders, poets, Ireland, Scotland.

Saunt Columba or Saunt Coumbkille (Erse: Colm Cille, 'kirk doo';[lower-alpha 1][1][2] 7 December 521 – 9 Juin 597) wis an Erse aibot an missionar creeditit wi spreadin Christianity in whit is the day Scotland at the stairt o the Hiberno-Scots mission.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Ither names include Erse Gaelic Chille, Scots Gaelic Calum Cille, Manx Gaelic Colum Keeilley, an Auld Norse Kolban or Kolbjørn.

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