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Coontie Dunnygal

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(Reguidit frae Coonty Donegal)
Coonty Dunnygal

Contae Dhún na nGall / Contae Thír Chonaill
Coontie Dunnygal / Coontie Dinnygal
Coat of airms o Coonty Dunnygal
Coat airms
Mutuam habeatis caritatem  (Latin)
'(Maintain among you) Mutual Love (or Charity)'
Location in Ireland
Location in Ireland
Coordinates: 54°55′01″N 8°00′00″W / 54.917°N 8.000°W / 54.917; -8.000
Dáil ÉireannDonegal North–East,
Donegal Sooth–Wast
Coonty seatLifford
 • TeepCounty Council
 • Total4841 km2 (1,869 sq mi)
Area rank (4t)
 • Rank (10t)
Coontie Dunnygal[2][3] an Coontie Dinnygal[4] are Ulster Scots spellins.

Coontie Dunnygal (Inglis: County Donegal, Erse: Contae Dhún na nGall or Contae Thír Chonaill) is Ireland's northmaist coonty. It ligs in the wast o the Stewartrie o Ulster in the nor'-wast o the iland. It is ane o thrie coonties in the Stewartrie o Ulster that isna pairt o Northren Ireland. Maugre o it bein the maist northren coonty in aw Ireland, an maugre its gey strang Ulster identitie, the coonty is pairt o the Republic o Ireland. Coonty Dunnygal is the mukkilest coonty in Ulster.

The coonty wis named eftir the toun o Dunnygal, whilk cums frae the Erse, meinin "the stranghaud o the ootlanders (Vikings)". The toun wis the auld stranghauld o the O'Donnell clan anaw. Whan first shapit, it wis whyls cried Coonty Tyrconnel or Tirconnel (Erse: Tír Chonaill) eftir baith the auld Tír Chonaill kingrik an the Tyrconnel yerldom that follaed it. Houaniver, cryin the hail coonty Tír Conaill is teknicalie wrang as the Inishowen hauf-iland (Erse: Inis Eoghain) is historicalie sindrie frae Tír Chonaill.

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