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Skara Brae

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Heart o Neolithic Orkney
UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid
Skara Brae, leukin north
CriteriaCultural: i, ii, iii, iv
Inscription1999 (23rd Session)

Skara Brae ˈskarəˈbre is a stane-biggit Neolithic rauchle, locatit on the Bay o Skaill on the wast coast o Mainland, the lairgest island in the Orkney airchipelago o Scotland.[1]

It is ane o the maist auld fermin sattlements excavatit in northern Europe.[2]

It wis foond amshach-lik in 1850 kiverit in sand, archeiologists pruivit that it wis five thoosand year auld, an fowk hed bidit there fir aboot sax hunner year but naebody kens whit wey they left it.[3]

Coordinates: 59°02′55″N 3°20′35″W / 59.04861°N 3.34306°W / 59.04861; -3.34306


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