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Gairloch is a smaa clachan on the shores o Loch Gairloch on the nor'wast coast o Scotland. A weel-likit tourist destination in the simmer months, Gairloch haes a gowf coorse, a smaa museum, monie hostelries, a community centre (includin sports faceelities), shores an muntains.

Awtho the gowf coorse is smaa, it is weel-likit bi keen gowfers. The aicht hole is in parteecular dramatic an chailengin.

Boat fishin vaiges can be gotten at the herbour, an thare's monie muntain lochs in the area wi troot fishin tae haund.

Coordinates: 57°43′41″N 5°41′28″W / 57.728°N 5.691°W / 57.728; -5.691