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Thirsa (Inglis: Thurso, Scots Gaelic: Inbhir Theòrsa)[1] is a toun an umwhyl burgh on the north coast o the Hieland cooncil aurie o Scotland. Hit is the northrenmaist toun on the Scots mainland. At the tyd o the 2001 Census, Thursa haed aboot 9,000 indwallers.

Historie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The name cums frae the Auld Norse Thjórsá,[1] fae a Celtic name "Tarvodubron" meinin "Bull's River".[2] Historically, hit is ane o twa burghs athin the coontie o Caithness.

Thirsa's historie streeks back ti at least the tyd o Norse rule in Caithness, whilk ended in 1266. The toun wis a kee Norse port, an haes an eftir historie o tred wi ports athort northren Europ till the 19t centurie. In 1330, Scotland’s staundart unit o wecht wis brung inti line wi thon o Thirsa at the biddin o Keeng David II o Scotland; a taiken o the toun's economic importance. Auld Saunt Peter's Kirk is sayd ti date frae aboot 1220. Mukkil o the toun, houaniver, is an ettilt 19t-centurie unnertakin. Thar wis mukkil growthe in the mid-20t centurie whan the Dounreay nuclear pouer plant wis biggit at Dounreay, 9 myl (14 km) ti the wast o the toun. Athin aboot five yeir, Thirsa's population swalt swith, frae aboot 2,500 ti aboot 12,000 atwein 1955–58, as the nuclear plant drew skeilt warkers frae aw airts o the Unitit Kinrick. Bi 1960, hit drappit back ti aboot 9,000, eftir a lot o the Dounreay biggin crew left.

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thirsa ligs on the northren coast owerluikin the Orkney Islands. Hit is at the northren end o the A9 road, the main road linkin Caithness wi the sooth o Scotland. Hit is 20 myl wast o John o Groats an 21 myl nor'wast o Wick, the naurest toun.

At latitude 59 degree north, Thirsa ligs as ferr north as the Alaskan state heidtoun o Juneau an the ceetie o Stavanger in Norawa.

Thursa railwey station is the maist northerlie ane sert bi Breetain's rail netwirk, whilk links the toun wi Wick an wi Innerness.

Soorces[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Coordinates: 58°35′46″N 3°31′16″W / 58.5961°N 3.5211°W / 58.5961; -3.5211