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Coordinates: 56°33′41″N 2°35′09″W / 56.561385°N 02.585705°W / 56.561385; -02.585705

Aiberbrothock herbour

Arbroath (Scots Gaelic: Obair Bhrothaig that translates leeterally as 'at the mooth o the Brothock'[1], gien Aiberbrothock in Auld Scots) is an umwhile ryal burgh an the lairgest toun in the cooncil area o Angus in Scotland, an haes 22,785 indwallers.[2] It lees on the coast o the German Ocean, aboont 17 mile nor-east o Dundee an 51 mile sooth o Aiberdeen.[3]

Its history begoud, like naurby Dundee, wi the Pechts in the Airn Age, an bid a wee veelage till 1178 AD, whan King William the Lion foondit an abbey.

Abbey o Arbroath pre 1844 by Thomas Higham (1795-1844) in Aiberdeen Art Gallery

The toun is kenspeckle as the hame o the Declaration o Arbroath, the statement o Scots unthirldom signed by the nobeelity in the 14t century.

The toun is hame tae twa hie schuils, Arbroath Hie Schuil, in a west-end 'o' Toun, an Arbroath Academy that serves the east-die 'o' toun. Arbroath Hie is the muckliest an a auldest out 'o' the twa 'o' them.

Arbroath bis set tae thrang the Arbroath 2020+1 festival, efter it wis put doon in April 2020 unil July 2021 aucht tae Covit19.

Arbroath is hame tae wan futba team, Arbroath F.C., which is well kenspeckle fur hudden the wurld recurd fur lairgest win, the team won 36-0 aginst Bon Accord F.C

Arbroath Railway Station is ben a wee bit controversial recently, acause Network Rail put doon 69 bollards ootside the station tae stop illegal parking, the local cooncil has compleet aboot the bollards, but Network Rail are yet tae get back tae them.

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