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Coordinates: 56°33′41″N 2°35′09″W / 56.561385°N 02.585705°W / 56.561385; -02.585705

Aiberbrothock herbour

Arbroath (Scots Gaelic: Obair Bhrothaig that translates leeterally as 'at the mooth o the Brothock'[1], gien Aiberbrothock in Auld Scots) is an umwhile ryal burgh an the lairgest toun in the cooncil area o Angus in Scotland, an haes 22,785 indwallers.[2] It lees on the coast o the German Ocean, aboont 17 mile nor-east o Dundee an 51 mile sooth o Aiberdeen.[3]

Its history begoud, like naurby Dundee, wi the Pechts in the Airn Age, an bid a wee veelage till 1178 AD, whan King William the Lion foondit an abbey.

The toun is kenspeckle as the hame o the Declaration o Arbroath, the statement o Scots unthirldom signed by the nobeelity in the 14t century.

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