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Neilston or Neilstoun[1] is a clachan an pairish in East Renfrewshire in the wast lawlands o Scotland. Neilston is on the Watter Levern, soothwast o Barrheid, sooth-soothwast o Renfrew, an sooth o Paisley, at the soothwastarn lip o Greater Glesga. Mair nor 5,000 fowk bides in the clachan o Neilston.

Cotton factories an textile mills becam employers o mony fowk in Neilston an the local airt.

Soorces[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Croftheid Mills, Neilstoun 1890s

Coordinates: 55°47′05″N 4°25′24″W / 55.7847°N 4.4234°W / 55.7847; -4.4234