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Stornowa herbour
Stornowa's airt on the Isle o Lewis.

Stornowa is a toun on the Isle o Lewis in the Ooter Hebrides. It haes ower 5000 residents, makkin it the maist muckle toun on Lewis, an o the Ooter Hebrides. Thare a ferry-link tae Ullapool. Ower hauf the fowk in the toun speaks the Gaelic. Thare nae ither toun lik this, awbeit the pairish o Stornowa haes the lawest percentage o Gaelic speakers in the Ooter Hebrides. The toun haes a monie shops an a smaw airport.

Canada[eedit | eedit soorce]

"Stornoway" is the nemm o the hoose an aw, whaur the leader o Her Majestie's Offeecial Opposition bydes, in Ottawa, Ontario.

Coordinates: 58°12′32″N 6°23′13″W / 58.209°N 6.387°W / 58.209; -6.387