Clan Lindsay

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Clan Lindsay
Crest: Issuin frae an antique ducal coronet Or, the heid, neck an wings o a swan Proper accordin tae Bain, the crest is : an ostrich, proper, hauldin in its beak a key. or.
MottoEndure fort
The Rt. Hon. Robert Lindsay
The 29t Earl o Crawford an
The 12t Earl o Balcarres
Historic seatEdzell Castle

Clan Lindsay is a Lowland Scots clan based in Angus.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Oreegins o the Clan[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thare is currently nae kent proven path pertainin tae the oreegin o the Clan Lindsay. Housomeivver, several possible theories hae been advanced ower the years. First is the theory proposed in 1769 bi biographer/historian, Richard Rolt, in which he claimed that the Lindsays wur o Anglo-Saxon strynd. In his “Lives of the Lindsays”, first published in 1840, the 25t Earl o Crawford discoontit Rolt's Anglo-Saxon strynd theory an statit that the Lindsays wur "distinctly" o Norman strynd. Then in 1985/1990, Breetish historian, Beryl Platts established, via an analysis o heraldic devices, the Lindsays wur o Flemish strynd. Muckle wirk is yet tae be done afore the oreegin o the Lindsays can be statit as proven athoot ony doubt.

Efter the Norman conquest o 1066 Baldric de Lindsay became a tenant unner the Earl o Chester in England. In 1120 Sir Walter Lindsay wis a member o the cooncil o David, Earl o Huntingdon who became King o Scotland. Sir Walter Lindsay's successor, aither his son or brither came tae Scotland wi the new King.

William Lindsay acquired the lands o Crawford in Lanrikshire, Scotland. He gae some o his Ayrshire lands tae the Dryburgh Abbey.

In the 13t century Sir David Lindsay o Crawford jynt King Louis IX o Fraunce on a crusade but he wis killed in Egyp. Ane o the crusader's sons Sir Alexander Lindsay wis a Knight o King Edward I o Ingland.

Wars of Scots Unthirldom[eedit | eedit soorce]

Bi the end o the 13t century the Wars o Scots Unthirldom haed begun an it caused mony dilemmas for the Lindsays as thay haed families on baith sides o the border. Housomeivver Sir Alexander Lindsay's patriotism made him tak the side o Scotland. The Lindsays wur supporters o baith William Wallace an King Robert the Bruce. His Inglis properties wur forfeitit an his sons thare wur impreesoned. The eldest o thir sons Sir David Lindsay wis later amang the signatories o the Declaration o Arbroath, the 1320 assertion o Scots Unthirldom. Sir James Lindsay focht at the Battle o Otterburn in 1388 whaur the Scots defeatit the Inglis. It wis Sir Alexander Lindsay o Glenesk who durin John Gaunts invasion o Scotland, attacked an put tae the swuird the crew o ane o the Inglis ships that haed landit abuin Queen's Ferry (Sooth Queensferry).

15t Century & Clan Conflicts[eedit | eedit soorce]

Wallace an Lyndsay conjoiner Coat o Airms an supporters frae Craigie Castle, Ayrshire.

At the Battle o Arbroath in 1445 the Clan Lindsay led bi the Maister o Crawford advanced wi ower 1000 men. Thair fae wis the Clan Ogilvy who wur supportit bi men frae the Clan Oliphant, Clan Gordon, Clan Seton an Clan Forbes o Pitsligo. The Master o Crawford's faither, David Lindsay, 3rd Earl o Crawford rode atween the twa airmies in an attempt tae caw a truce. Housomeivver, an illadvised Ogilvie, thinkin that this wis the stairt o the Lindsay's attack, threw his spear at the Earl, hittin him in the mooth an killin him instantly. Sae the battle began which went in the Clan Lindsay's favour. Here fell Ogilvie o Inverquharty, Forbes o Pitsligo, Brucklay o Gartley, Gordon o Borrowfield, an Oliphant o Aberdalgie, alang wi 500 or sae Ogilvies. Housomeivver, the Lindsays lost a disproportionate amoont o men, maist notably the Earl himsel. [1][2]

In 1448 Lord Lindsay o Byres gae King James III o Scotland the "great grey horse" which wad cairy him faster intae battle than ony ither horse in Scotland. Lord Lindsay hissel led a force o several thoosan at the Battle o Sauchieburn.

Durin the 15t century the Clan Lindsay lost muckle o thair land due tae feudin wi the Clan Ogilvy. Chief Alexander Lindsay, the 4t Earl o Crawford, forby kent as the Tiger Earl an Earl Beardie wis badly defeatit bi the Clan Ogilvy an the Clan Gordon unner the Earl o Huntly at Brechin in 1452. Housomeivver aw wis nae lost as Alexander Lindsay's son wis made Duke o Montrose bi King James III o Scotland.

16t Century & Anglo-Scots Wars[eedit | eedit soorce]

In the 16t Century durin the Anglo-Scots Wars the Clan Lindsay focht at the Battle o Flodden Field in 1513 whaur thair chief, the 6t Earl o Crawford wis slain.

The fift Lord Lindsay wis ane o the fower nobles tae whom the chairge o the infant Mary, Queen o Scots wis committit in 1542. His son Patrick, th 6t Lord, wis a fierce reformer an ane o the Lords o the Congregation. He teuk pairt in the murther o David Rizzio an challenged Bothwell tae mortal combat at Carberry Hill, an at Lochleven Castle forced the Queen tae then gie up her croun. It wis frae this line that the 10t Lord wis made 1st Earl o Lindsay bi King Charles in the 17t century. The Lindsays later supportit Mary, Queen o Scots an focht for her at the Battle o Langside in 1568.

17t Century & Ceevil War[eedit | eedit soorce]

In the 17t century durin the Ceevil War the Clan Lindsay wur Ryalist supporters o King Charles Stuart o England, Scotland & Ireland. The daith o the Clan Lindsay Chief an 16t Earl in 1652 wis the last o that line tae be Earl o Crawford an the Earldom wis passed intae the haunds o King Charles. Housomeivver anither line o Lindsays received a new title, held bi John the 1st Earl o Lindsay who wis awready the 10t Lord Lindsay o Byres.

18t Century & Jacobite Uprisins[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Lindsays o Balcarres descend frae a younger son o the nint Earl o Crawford. Thay wur creatit Earls o Balcarres for thair services durin the Ceevil War. The 1st Earl o Balcarres wis made hereditary govrenor o Edinburgh Castle. His son supportit the Jacobite Uprisin an focht at the Battle o Sherrifmuir in 1715. The Clan Lindsay did no tak pairt in the Jacobite Uprisin o 1745 tae 1746.

Spellins[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Lindsays are arguably the clan wi the maist diverse variations when it comes tae spellin thair name. Kent spellins include:

Limesay Linday Linde Lindeci Lindensay Lindesa Lindesaia Lindesaie Lindesans Lindesay Lindesaye Lindese Lindesee Lindesei Lindeseia Lindeseie Lindesey Lindesi Lindesie Lindesins Lindessay Lindessaya Lindessaye Lindessey Lindesseye Lindessi Lindesy Lindesye Lindeszey Lindey Lindiesay Lindisay Lindisin Lindissa Lindissai Lindissay Lindisseia Lindsa Lindsai Lindsay Lindsaye Lindsey Lindsseie Lindyesaye Lindyssay Lindyssey Linsai Linsaie Linsay Linsey Linsee Linsley Linzee Lyncay Lynde Lynddesai Lynddessay Lynddessaye Lyndesai Lyndesay Lyndeseia Lyndeseie Lyndesey Lyndeseye Lyndesheie Lyndeshey Lyndesie Lyndesins Lyndessai Lyndessay Lyndessaye Lyndessey Lyndessy Lyndesy Lyndesya Lyndey Lyndezay Lyndisay Lyndissai Lyndissay Lyndisseye Lyndsa Lyndsaia Lyndsaie Lyndsay Lyndsey Lyndseye Lyndsy Lyndysay Lyndyssay Lyndyssey Lynsay Lynse Lynsey

Clan Castle[eedit | eedit soorce]

Clan affiliatit surnames[eedit | eedit soorce]

Affiliatit Surnames o Clan Lindsay include:

  • Auchinleck
  • Buyers
  • Byers
  • Cobb
  • Crawford
  • Deuchar
  • Deuchars
  • Downie
  • Fotheringham
  • Leeds
  • Rhind
  • Rhynd
  • Summers
  • Sumner

Freemit airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]