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Clan Fenton

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Arms o Fenton o that Ilk.

Clan Fenton is a Scots clan. It daes no hae a clan chief recognised bi the Lord Lyon Kieeng o Airms therefore the clan haes nae staundin unner Scots Law. Clan Fenton is considered an armigerous clan, meanin that it is considered tae hae haed at ane time a chief who possessed the chiefly airms, houiver no ane at present is in possession o sic arms. the arms o Fenton o that Ilk are blazoned as: Gules, a bend engrailed Argent.

The clan held the lands o Fenton at Dirleton in East Lothian. Sir William Fenton, who wis styled "Lord o Beaufort" wis ane o the auditors that gathered at Berwick debatin the competin claims atween Robert the Bruce an John de Balliol. Accordin tae the heraldist Alexander Nisbet, William or aiblins his son marrit Cecilia Bisset the co-heiress o William Bisset, Lord o Lovat. The principal line o the Lawland Fentons endit in the marriage atween an heiress an Whitelaw o that Ilk.