Clan Hamilton

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Clan Hamilton
Clan member crest badge - Clan Hamilton.svg
Crest: In a ducal cornet an aik tree fructit an penetratit transversley in the main stem bi a frame saw Proper, the frame Or
Motto Through
Region Lawlands
Douglas hamiltonCoA.png
Alexander Douglas-Hamilton
The 16t Duke o Hamilton
an the 13t Duke o Brandon
Seat Lennoxlove Hoose
Heestoric seat Hamilton Palace

Clan Hamilton, forby kent as the The Hoose o Hamilton, is a Scots clan wha historically held broad territories outthrou central an soothren Scotland, pairticularly Ayrshire, Lanrikshire an the Lowdens. The Hamiltons main auries o influence war in the Scots Lawlands, ceptin the Isle o Arran, frae whilk territory, the chief o Hamilton bears the Lymphad o the Isles on his airms.

The faimily is descendit frae Walter fitz Gilbert o Cadzow, an Anglo-Norman comrade o Robert the Bruce, an rase in pouer tae be the leadin noble faimily in Scotland, seicont anerlie tae the ryal Hoose o Stewart, tae wham they war closely relatit. Members o the family hae held a wheen o titles in the peerages o baith Scotland an Great Breetain, the principal title bein Duke o Hamilton, the Duke hissel bein the senior representative o the family.

Seat o the chief[eedit | eedit soorce]

Hamilton Palace in Hamiltoun, haed been the family's seat frae 1695. Built bi Duchess Anne, an her guidman William Douglas-Hamilton, Duke o Hamilton, it haed the distinction o bein the lairgest non-ryal residence in Europe, reakin its greatest extent unner the 10t an the 11t dukes in the mid nineteent century.

Excessive subsidence o the palace caused bi the family's mines led tae its condemnation an demolition in 1921. The 13t Duke then flittit tae Dungavel Hoose, near Strathaven. This wis whaur deputy-führer Rudolf Hess aimed tae reak in his doomed peace mission tae see the Douglas, 14t Duke o Hamilton in 1941.

In 1947, Dungavel wis sauld tae the coal board, an then on tae the govrenment, wha turned it intae an open preeson. Currently, it is the steid o a controversial hauldin centre for asylum-seekers.

The family flittit tae Lennoxlove House in East Lowden, whilk remains the residence o the current Duke.

Ither properties[eedit | eedit soorce]