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PS Waverley off Brodick castle 1989.jpg
The Paddle Steamer Waverley lies in Brodick Bay in front of Brodick Castle.
Brodick is locatit in North Ayrshire
Brodick shawn within North Ayrshire
Population 621 (2001 census)[1]
• Density 6.54 (persons per hectare)[2]
OS grid reference NS014358
• Edinburgh 96 miles
• London 443 miles
Ceevil pairish
Cooncil aurie
Lieutenancy aurie
Kintra Scotland
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Post toun BRODICK
Postcode destrict KA27
Diallin code 01770
Polis Scots
Fire Scots
Ambulance Scots
EU Pairlament Scotland
UK Pairlament
Scots Pairlament
Wabsteid North Ayrshire
List of places
55°34′34″N 5°09′04″W / 55.576°N 5.151°W / 55.576; -5.151Coordinates: 55°34′34″N 5°09′04″W / 55.576°N 5.151°W / 55.576; -5.151

Brodick (Scots Gaelic: Breadhaig or Tràigh a' Chaisteil ("Castle Beach")) is the main settlement on the Isle o Arran,[4] in the Firth o Clyde, Scotland.

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