Clan Kirkpatrick

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Coat o Arms o the Kirkpatrick Baronets, o Closeburn.
Closeburn Castle, which dates frae the late 14t century, wis ance a stronghold o Clan Kirkpatrick.

Clan Kirkpatrick is a Lawland armigerous Scots clan. The clan is recognised bi the Court o the Lord Lyon, houiver the clan daes nae currently hae a chief sae recognised. The clan takes its name frae the kirk o Saint Patrick in the parish o Closeburn in Dumfriesshire, Scotland.

The first record o the clan is in the 12t century, when Ivone de Kirkpatrick wis listed as a witness in a charter o the Bruce faimily. Later, Alexander II confirmed bi charter the lands o the same Ivone. Roger Kirkpatrick wis an attendant tae Robert Bruce during the time when Bruce murdered Red Comyn. Kirkpatrick legend haes it that the chiefly motto is derived frae Bruce's killin o Comyn. Bruce fled frae the kirk tae his escorts an telt them, "I doubt I have slain Comyn." , Kirkpatrick drew his swuird shouting, "I MAK SICCAR" ("I'll make sure"), whereupon he finished off the wounded Comyn. Sir Roger Kirkpatrick hid wi Robert Bruce for three nichts tae escape Comyn's faimily. This event is memorialized in the clan's crest, which contains a haund holding a bloody dagger; an the shield: three pillows on a saltire shield wi the Scotland colours, or the St Andrews Cross, reversed (i.e. Kirkpatrick wears a blue saltire on a white grund). It is an aa memorialized in the Clan's motto, "I make sure".

In 1314 the Kirkpatricks wur rewardit the lands o Redburgh. In 1355, Sir Roger Kirkpatrick teuk Caerlaverock Castle an Dalwinston Castle frae Inglis forces. Twa years later, in 1357, Sir Robert Kirkpatrick wis murdered bi Sir James Lindsay in a private argument. The title passed frae Roger tae his Nephew, Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick, who haed a charter for the lands o Closeburn an Redburgh frae Robert Stewart, 1st Duke o Albany in 1409. Much later, in 1542, Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick wis captured at the Battle o Solway Moss. The estate then passed tae a cousin. In 1685 Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick o Closeburn wis creatit a Baronet o Nova Scotia. The Kirkpatrick estate o Closeburn wis finally sauld bi the 4t baronet, Sir James Kirkpatrick. The day thare is no recognised chief o the clan.