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Clan Cairns

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Airms o Cairns o that Ilk.

Clan Cairns is a Scots clan. The clan disnae hae a chief recognised bi the Lord Lyon King of Arms, therefore the clan haes nae staunin unner Scots Law. Clan Cairns is considered an armigerous clan, meanin that it is considered tae hae haed at ane time a chief who possessed the chiefly airms, howsomeivver naebody at present is in possession o sic airms. The arms o Cairns o that Ilk are blazoned as: Gules, three martlets Or.[1]

The surname Cairns is derived frae the Scots Gaelic carn, meanin "cairn". It is a topographic name for someane wha livit near a cairn.[2] The land o Cairns are locatit in the pairish o Mid Cauder, near Edinburgh.[3] Accordin tae George Fraser Black, the first Cairns tae be recordit is William de Carnys, wha wis recordit as witnessin a chairter in 1349. William de Carnys an his son Duncan haudit the baronies o Easter an Wester Whitburn. Mony Cairns are recordit in the coonties o Midlowden an Wast Lowden an aw. The day mony Cairns are still locatit aroond Edinburgh an Glesca.[1]

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