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Coat o airms o the last chief o clan Calder, The Calder o Calder
Map o Scotland showing the district o Nairn, whaur the Calders lived.

Clan Calder is a Hieland Scots clan. The clan does no currently have a chief therefore it is considered an Armigerous clan.

Oreegins o the Clan[eedit | eedit soorce]

The name Calder is believed tae derive frae the Scots name for a sma stream. Hugh de Cadella, a French knicht wis creatit Thane o Calder, later tae be kent as Cawdor in Nairn, Scotland. Hugh de Kaledouer wis a witness tae a chairter o land near Montrose in aroond 1178.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Calders wur great nobles an held lands aroond the ceety o Inverness frae the 14t century onwards. The touer that stands at the center o Cawdor Castle wis built bi the Calders in aroond 1454.

The Calders married intae other local families particularly the Clan Rose who wur Barons o Kilravock.

Unfortunately their ascendancy came tae an end when Archibald Campbell, Earl o Argyll wis alang with Hugh Rose o Kilravock appointit guardians tae the infant female heir o the Calder family. Campbell tried tae take the infant female tae Inverary tae be educated. This wis opposed bi her uncles Alexander an Hugh Calder who chased them tae Strathnarin but efter considerable loss o life she wis safely delivered tae Inverary. She wis brought up as a Campbell an married Sir John Campbell o Argyll.

Muriel the last o the Calders dee'd aroond 1575 but her descendent John Campbell o Cawdor wis raised tae the peerage as Lord Cawdor in 1796, an his son wis creatit first Earl o Cawdor in 1827. The name Calder did no dee oot, housomeivver, an the Calders o Asswanly received lands near Elgin in 1440. Margaret Calder the dochter o Sir William Calder o Calder married John Munro o Foulis, Chief o the Clan Munro. The Calders o Asswanly received a baronetcy o Nova Scotia in 1686.

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