Clan Gordon

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Clan Gordon
Gordanach (Singular), Na Gordanaich (Collective)
Clan member crest badge - Clan Gordon.svg
Crest: Issuant frae a crest coronet Or a stag's heid (affrontée) Proper attired wi ten tines Or
SloganAn Gordonach
War cryA Gordon! A Gordon![1]
Plant badgeRock ivy
Pipe muisic"The Gordon's Mairch", "Cock o' the North"
Marquess of Huntly arms.svg
The Maist Hon. Granville Charles Gordon
The 13t Marquess o Huntly
SeatAboyne Castle[2]
Historic seatHuntly Castle[3]

Clan Gordon, an aa kent as the Hoose o Gordon, is a Scots clan. The chief o the clan wis the pouerfu Earl o Huntly, an nou an aa the Marquess o Huntly.

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