Clan Grierson

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Clan member crest badge - Clan Grierson.svg
Crest: A fetterlock Argent
MottoHoc securior
Grierson of Lag arms female.svg
Sarah Grierson o Lag,[1]
Chief o the Name an Airms o Grierson.[2]
Historic seatLag Tower

The name Grierson is frae the Scots lawlands.

The surname Grierson is no a patronymic form o the medieval Scots personal name Grier which is a form o the personal name Gregory.[3] It haes been speculatit bi some that thay mey descend frae the same line as Clan Gregor, housomeivver this is refutit bi ithers ; David Alan Grierson suggests a closer leuk at the meanin o the surname o Grierson, wheniver translatit intae gaelic, literally means MacGriogair. The principal seat o the Griersons wis Lag, which wis obtained in aboot 1408.[4]

The current chief o the name Grierson, an a member o the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs.[5] is Sarah Grierson of Lag,[1][6] the first female tae hauld this role in an unbroken line frae the faimily o Grierson o Lag.

The crest badge o a clan member o the Griersons contains the Laitin motto: HOC SECURIOR.[4]

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