Clan Grant

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Clan Grant
Clann Chiarain, Clann Ailein, Clann Phàdraig, Clann Phàdraig, Sliochd an Amair[1]
Crest: An eemage o a birnin hill. (The birning hill represents "Craig Elachie", the rallyin pynt for the Grants. Whan seegnal fires war lit upon the summit o Craig Elachie, or "The Rock o Alarm", members o the clan wad gaither thare in order tae organise for an attack or defence.)
MottoStaund Fest, Staund Sure[2]
Slogan"Stand Fast Craig Elachie!"
DestrictStrathspey,[2] Glen Urquhart,[2] Glenmoriston[2] and Loch Ness.[2]
Plant badgePine[2]
Pipe muisicStaund fast Craigellachie[2]
The Rt. Hon. Sir James Grant o that Ilk
The 6t Laird Strathspey
Historic seatCastle Grant[3]

Clan Grant is a Hieland Scots clan.

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