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Battle o Culloden

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The Battle o Culloden (Scots Gaelic: Blár Chuìl Lodair, Inglis: Battle of Culloden) wis the feenal fecht o the 1745 Jacobite Rising. Takkin place on 16 Apryle 1746, the fecht pitted the Jacobite forces o Charles Edward Stuart conter an airmy owerins by William Augustus, Duke o Cumberland, leal tae the Breetish govrenment. The Jacobite cause o owerthrawing the ringing Haudin o Hanover an cower the Haudin o Stuart tae the Breetish throne wis yoked a decisive defeat at Culloden; Charles Stuart niver made ony offers tae braig Hanoverian pouer in Breetain. The fecht wis the last heaved fecht focht on Breetish laund,[1] occurring ewest Innerness in the Scots Hielands.

Charles Stuart’s Jacobite airmy conseested feckly o Scots hielanders, as weel as a group o Lawland Scots and a peerie group o English men frae the Manchester Diveesion. The Jacobites war fended and plenished by the Kinrick o Fraunce and French and Erse diveesions leal tae Fraunce war a pairt o the Jacobite airmy. The govrenment force wis feckly English, alang wi a lairge nummer o Scots Lawlanders and Hielanders, a group o Ulster men frae Ireland, and a peerie nummer o Hessians (frae Germany) and Austrians. Meetin on Culloden Moss, the fecht wis baith cliftie an bluidy, takkin place inouth an oor. Follaeing a feckless Hieland charge conter the govrenment lines, the Jacobites war skailed an hurlt frae the field.

Atween 1,500 an 2,000 Jacobites wis killt or woundit in the short fecht, while govrenment losses wis lichter wi 50 deid 259 woundit. The eftercast o the fecht an follaeing revenge takkin on Jacobism wis cruel, earning Cumberland the tae-name “Flesher”. Ettles wis makit tae ower hail the Hielands intae the Kinrick o Great Breetain; ceevil kanes war introduced tae waiken Gaelic cultur an attack the Scots clan seestem.

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