Clan Dundas

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Dundass tartan, as published in 1842 in Vestiarium Scoticum.

Clan Dundas is the name gien tae ane o Scotland's maist historically important faimilies. Ance widely regarded as ane o the maist noble in the Breetish Empire. The fortunes o the faimily ar nou awmaist lost, wi its launds sauld tae the state, its castles reclaimed an its stately homes either bought bi the state, or in the haunds o private investors, as is the case wi thair umwhile home in Edinburgh, which serves as the warldwide heidquarters for The Ryal Bank o Scotland.

It wis, an still is, a notit faimily tradeetion tae name the first born son Robert, efter Lord Robert Dundas VI, Earl o Dundas, advisor tae the last queen o Scotland afore the Act o Union. Lord Dundas is considered the maist influential person in instrumenting the union, an as sic, can be considered the key in creatin the Unitit Kinrick in its current form.

Chief[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • David Duncan Dundas o Dundas, the current chief o Clan Dundas currently lifes in Sooth Africae.