Clan Anderson

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Clan Anderson
Clan member crest badge - Clan Anderson.svg
Crest: An aik tree Proper
MottoStand sure
Regionunknown [1]
Anderson of that Ilk arms.svg
Clan Anderson haes na chief, an is an armigerous clan
Last ChiefAnderson of that Ilk [2]
Arms o Anderson o Ardbrake
Anderson o Ardbrake
Arms o Anderson o Erbury
Anderson o Erbury
Arms o Anderson o Bruntstane
Anderson o Bruntstane
Arms o Anderson o Bishopmill
Anderson o Bishopmill
Arms o Anderson o Candacraig
Anderson o Candacraig
Arms o Anderson o Kinneddar
Anderson o Kinneddar

Clan Anderson is a Scots clan that can be considered an armigerous clan acause it disna hae a clan chief recognised bi the Lord Lyon King of Arms.

Oreegins an heestory[eedit | eedit soorce]

Anderson is an Inglis an Scots patronymic surname, meanin 'son o Andrew'. In this form, it is mair common in the Lawlands, but it is widespread in Scotland in different forms. In the Hielands, it wis rendered as MacAndrew, o medieval Scots origin. Baith names skare the same Scots Gaelic derivation o 'Gilleaindreas' - literally a servant o St. Andra, Scotland's patron saunt.

Tho it is said thare is nae exact place o oreegin, it is important no tae confuise the contents o the Kinrara manuscript whilk conteens details o a claim that the Clan MacGilleandrish came tae Badenoch frae Moidart c.1400. This faimily (son o Leandrish) isna connectit tae ony kent Andersons an nae evidence haes been foond tae support the idea that thair name became Anderson. The tales o the vengeance o Iain beg MacAindrea on nowt reivers wha raidit Badenoch mey pynt tae a connection wi a MacAndrews faimily. Housomeivver, thare is nae disputin the intellectual pedigree that his kinfolk subsequently established.

The tradeetion o scholarly erudition haes significant roots in Anderson clan history ootthrough aw the disciplines. This tradeetion wis first established bi Alexander Anderson wha published wirks on geometry an algebra in Paris atween 1612 an 1619. His cousin, David Anderson o Finshaugh, skared a seimilar skill in mechanics an mathematics that he applee'd tae remuivin a lairge rock that haed obstructit the entrance tae Aiberdeen herbour. This achievement earned him the nickname 'Davie-Do-a'-Things.'

As abuin, the claim that the lands o Clan Andrew ar in Badenoch isna supportit bi the extensive researches made intae the kent pedigrees o the faimily. It is the Clan Leandrish that is recordit in the Kinrara manuscript as comin tae the lands o Badenoch, in the hert o the Chattan Confederation territory, frae Moidart aroond 1400, but this isna the Andersons. The lairgest groupin o Andersons lee in a swathe o lands throu Aiberdeen, Banff & Moray an wi mony intermarriages wi ladies o the Clan Gordon, bringin mony lands an properties, thay ar as hivy tied intae the Gordons as ony ither Clan.

Tho Clan Anderson can be conseidered an armigerous clan acause it disna hae a clan chief recognised bi the Lord Lyon King of Arms, it daes housomever hae a true bluidline male descendant Sir. Robert Bell (1938- current). Sir Robert Bell is descendant frae baith the Deebank / Candacraig bluid lines wha wad be considered the Chief of Clan Anderson if the armigerous clan war tae be recognised bi the Lord Lyon King of Arms. Sir. Robert Bell Thare isnae disputin the intellectual pedigree that his kinfolk subsequently established o the documentation o definitive historical an genealogical Peerage an Gentry whilk is sealed an recorded tae parchment datin back tae Clan Anderson's foundin bi ae Patrick Anderson o Candacraig (1545-1581). The Proof providit o his birth rite pedigrees an/or for his male heirs.

Clan profile[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Slogan: "Stand sure"
  • Crest: An aik Tree
  • Gaelic Name: Mac Ghille Aindrais
  • Badge: An aik Tree Proper
  • Lands: Badenoch
  • Oreegin o Name: "Son o Andrew"
  • Tartan: First seen in 1815 when collected bi the "Hieland Society o Lunnon." It haes an azure field an it is ane o several Scots tartans woven wi seiven colours.

Septs[eedit | eedit soorce]

Anderson, Andrews, Gillanders, MacAndrew.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. it isna certain wha the chiefly airms belanged, therefore the lands o this chief canna be properly asertained. See

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