Clan Campbell

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Clan Campbell
Clan member crest badge - Clan Campbell.svg
Crest: On a boar's heid erased fessways erased Or, airmed Argent, langued Gules
Plant badgeBog Myrtle
Pipe muisic"The Campbells are Coming"
Coat of arms of the duke of Argyll.png
His Grace Torquhil Ian Campbell
The 13t Duke o Argyll
an The 6t Duke o Argyll ('MacCailein Mor')
SeatInverara Castle
Historic seatCastle Campbell

Clan Campbell is a Hieland Scots clan. Historically ane o the lairgest, maist pouerful an successfu o the Hieland clans, thair lands wur in Argyll an the chief o the clan became the Earl an later the Duke o Argyll.

Castles[eedit | eedit soorce]

Inverara Castle, seat o the Duke o Argyll, Chief o Clan Campbell.

Clan profile[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Oreegin o the name: Cam Beul (Gaelic for "Crookit mooth") (Surname)
  • Ither Gaelic names: Caimbeulach (Singular) & O Duibhne (Collective)
  • Motto: Ne Obliviscaris (Latin for "Forget No")
  • Slogan: "Cruachan!" (frae the muntain north o Loch Awe, owerleukin the bulk o the Campbell lands in Argyll)
  • Pipe muisic: "Baile Inneraora" (The Campbells Are Coming)
  • Plant badge: Bog Myrtle
  • Land: Campbell land wur scattert athort Angus, Ayrshire (Loudoun), Clackmannan (Argyll), Nairnshire (Cawdor) Perthshire, Seahouses (Northumberland).

Tartans[eedit | eedit soorce]

Awtho mills produce mony fabrics based on the Campbell tartan, the Clan Chief recognises anerlie fower:

  • Campbell:[3] Mair commonly kent as the Black Watch tartan or the Govrenment Sett. The Black Watch, first raised in 1695, polised the Black Trade o cattle smugglin in the Hielands, an then later in 1715/1725 efter the act o union in 1707, became wha wis the first Hieland Regiment in the Breetish Airmy.[4] Aw Campbell tartans are based upon the Black Watch tartan, as are mony clan tartans. The tartan wis uised, an is in current uise, bi several military units throughoot the Commonweel.[4]
  • Campbell o Breadalbane:[3] This tartan mey be worn bi Campbells o the Breadalbane, or Glenorchy branches.[3]
  • Campbell o Cawdor:[3] This tartan mey be worn bi members o the Campbell o Cawdor branch.[3]
  • Campbell o Loudoun:[3] This tartan mey be worn bi members o the Campbell o Loudoun branch.[3]

The Saxt Duke o Argyll addit a white line tae his tartan tae distinguish hissel as Clan Chief. He wis the anerlie member o the faimily tae dae sae, but the tartan haes persistit as "Campbell o Argyll". Campbell o Argyll, as wi ony ither tartan no leetit abuin, is no recognised as offeecial.[5]

Chief[eedit | eedit soorce]

Branches[eedit | eedit soorce]

Arms of Campbell, Duke of Argyll.svg
Duke o
Earl and Marquess of Breadalbane arms.svg
Marquess o Breadalbane
Earl of Cawdor arms.svg
Earl o Cawdor
Earl of Loudoun arms.svg
Earl o Loudoun
Campbell of Aberuchill arms.svg
Campbell o Aberuchill
Campbell of Ardchattan arms.svg
Campbell o Ardchattan
Campbell of Barcaldine arms.svg
Campbell o Barcaldine
Campbell of Cawdor arms.svg
Campbell o Cawdor
Campbell of Clathick arms.svg
Campbell o Clathick
Campbell of Lawers arms.svg
Campbell o Lawers
Campbell of Lochaw arms.svg
Campbell o Lochaw
Campbell of Lochdochart arms.svg
Campbell o Lochdochart
Campbell of Lochnell arms.svg
Campbell o Lochnell
Campbell of Monzie arms.svg
Campbell o Monzie
Campbell of Moy arms.svg
Campbell o Moy
Campbell of Ottar arms.svg
Campbell o Ottar
Campbell of Park arms.svg
Campbell o Pairk
Campbell of Possil arms.svg
Campbell o Possil
Campbell of Smiddygreen arms.svg
Campbell o Smiddygreen
Campbell of Craignish arms.svg
Campbell o Craignish
Campbell of Auchinbreck arms.svg
Campbell o Auchinbreck
Campbell of Auchawillig arms.svg
Campbell o Auchawillig
Campbell of Ardentinny arms.svg
Campbell o Ardentinny
Campbell of Ardkinglas arms.svg
Campbell o Ardkinglas
Campbell of Gargunnock arms.svg
Campbell o Gargunnock
Campbell of Inverneil arms.svg
Campbell o Inverneil
Lord Stratheden and Campbell arms.svg
Lord Stratheden
Campbell of Netherplace arms.svg
Campbell o Netherplace
Campbell of Glenlyon arms.svg
Campbell o Glenlyon
Campbell of Lix arms.svg
Campbell o
Campbell of Blythswood arms.svg
Campbell o Blythswood
Campbell of Glenfalloch arms.svg
Campbell o Glenfalloch

A History of Clan Campbell: Frae the Restoration tae the present day Bi Alastair Campbell

A History of Clan Campbell: Frae Flodden tae the Restoration Bi Alastair Campbell

The hoose o Argyll an the collateral branches o the clan Campbell, frae the year 420 tae the present time, J. Tweed, 1871

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