Clan Campbell

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Clan Campbell
Crest: On a boar's heid erased fessways erased Or, airmed Argent, langued Gules
Plant badgeBog Myrtle
Pipe muisic"The Campbells are Coming"
His Grace Torquhil Ian Campbell
The 13t Duke o Argyll
an The 6t Duke o Argyll ('MacCailein Mor')
SeatInverara Castle
Historic seatCastle Campbell

Clan Campbell is a Hieland Scots clan. Historically ane o the lairgest, maist pouerful an successfu o the Hieland clans, thair lands wur in Argyll an the chief o the clan became the Earl an later the Duke o Argyll.

Castles[eedit | eedit soorce]

Inverara Castle, seat o the Duke o Argyll, Chief o Clan Campbell.

Clan profile[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Oreegin o the name: Cam Beul (Gaelic for "Crookit mooth") (Surname)
  • Ither Gaelic names: Caimbeulach (Singular) & O Duibhne (Collective)
  • Motto: Ne Obliviscaris (Latin for "Forget No")
  • Slogan: "Cruachan!" (frae the muntain north o Loch Awe, owerleukin the bulk o the Campbell lands in Argyll)
  • Pipe muisic: "Baile Inneraora" (The Campbells Are Coming)
  • Plant badge: Bog Myrtle
  • Land: Campbell land wur scattert athort Angus, Ayrshire (Loudoun), Clackmannan (Argyll), Nairnshire (Cawdor) Perthshire, Seahouses (Northumberland).

Tartans[eedit | eedit soorce]

Awtho mills produce mony fabrics based on the Campbell tartan, the Clan Chief recognises anerlie fower:

  • Campbell:[3] Mair commonly kent as the Black Watch tartan or the Govrenment Sett. The Black Watch, first raised in 1695, polised the Black Trade o cattle smugglin in the Hielands, an then later in 1715/1725 efter the act o union in 1707, became wha wis the first Hieland Regiment in the Breetish Airmy.[4] Aw Campbell tartans are based upon the Black Watch tartan, as are mony clan tartans. The tartan wis uised, an is in current uise, bi several military units throughoot the Commonweel.[4]
  • Campbell o Breadalbane:[3] This tartan mey be worn bi Campbells o the Breadalbane, or Glenorchy branches.[3]
  • Campbell o Cawdor:[3] This tartan mey be worn bi members o the Campbell o Cawdor branch.[3]
  • Campbell o Loudoun:[3] This tartan mey be worn bi members o the Campbell o Loudoun branch.[3]

The Saxt Duke o Argyll addit a white line tae his tartan tae distinguish hissel as Clan Chief. He wis the anerlie member o the faimily tae dae sae, but the tartan haes persistit as "Campbell o Argyll". Campbell o Argyll, as wi ony ither tartan no leetit abuin, is no recognised as offeecial.[5]

Chief[eedit | eedit soorce]

Branches[eedit | eedit soorce]

Duke o
Marquess o Breadalbane
Earl o Cawdor
Earl o Loudoun
Campbell o Aberuchill
Campbell o Ardchattan
Campbell o Barcaldine
Campbell o Cawdor
Campbell o Clathick
Campbell o Lawers
Campbell o Lochaw
Campbell o Lochdochart
Campbell o Lochnell
Campbell o Monzie
Campbell o Moy
Campbell o Ottar
Campbell o Pairk
Campbell o Possil
Campbell o Smiddygreen
Campbell o Craignish
Campbell o Auchinbreck
Campbell o Auchawillig
Campbell o Ardentinny
Campbell o Ardkinglas
Campbell o Gargunnock
Campbell o Inverneil
Lord Stratheden
Campbell o Netherplace
Campbell o Glenlyon
Campbell o
Campbell o Blythswood
Campbell o Glenfalloch

A History of Clan Campbell: Frae the Restoration tae the present day Bi Alastair Campbell

A History of Clan Campbell: Frae Flodden tae the Restoration Bi Alastair Campbell

The hoose o Argyll an the collateral branches o the clan Campbell, frae the year 420 tae the present time, J. Tweed, 1871

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