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Clan Galbraith

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Crest badge suitable for members o Clan Galbraith.

Clan Galbraith is a Scots clan. The clan daes no hae a chief recognised bi the Lord Lyon Keeng o Airms. Acause o this, the clan is considered an armigerous clan, an as sic Clan Galbraith haes nae standin unner Scots Law. The clan-name o Galbraith is o Gaelic oreegin, housomeivver its meanin denotes the bearer as o Breetish oreegin, as opposed tae Gaelic. The early Galbraiths wur centred in the Lennox destrict, which spans the Hieland an Lawland border o Scotland. The 17t chief o the clan brocht ruin tae the clan in the late 16t an early 17t century, an eventually lost his lands an fled Scotland for Ireland. His grandson, the 19t chief, wis the last chief o Clan Galbraith.