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Clan Kinninmont

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Crest badge suitable for members o Clan Kinninmont.
Arms o the Kininmont of that Ilk, chief o Clan Kinninmont.

Clan Kinninmont is a Scots clan. The clan disna hae a chief recognised bi the Lord Lyon King of Arms, syne the clan haes nae staunin unner Scots Law. Clan Kinninmont is conseidered an armigerous clan, meanin that it is conseidered tae hae haed at ane time a chief wha possessed the chiefly arms, housomever nane at present is in possession o sic arms. The oreiginal chiefly line dee'd oot whan an heiress mairried intae anither faimily.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The clan name Kinninmont is derived frae the lands o Kinninmonth in Fife, Scotland. In the years atween 1189 an 1199, Odo, seneschal tae the Bishop o St Andrews, received a charter for thir lands frae William I o Scotland. An 1841 publication dealing wi the charters on the archbishopric o St Andrews states that the charter grantit bi John, son o Adam, son o Odo isna recordit. The publication forby states that John's "original deed o consent, executed at the same time, an afore the same witnesses wi the charter o his father, is still extanct; an on his seal we fin the faimily name for the first time: S’Iohannis de Kinimmund". William de Kynemuthe's name appears on the Ragman Roll, whilk records the names o Scots nobles who submitted tae Edward I o Ingland in 1296. In 1329 Alexander de Kininmund became Bishop o Aiberdeen. Anither Alexander de Kininmund became Archdeacon o Aiberdeen in 1352. James Kynimond o that Ilk asserted his hereditary right tae the offices o baillie, steward an marischal o St Andrews, in 1438. The direct line of Kininmonts o that Ilk (the chiefly line) came tae an end wi the mairriage o the ane heiress tae Murray o Melgund.

Clan symbols[eedit | eedit soorce]

The crest badge suitable for members o the clan is derived frae the arms o Kinninmont o that Ilk. The crest is blazoned as an aik tree vert an the slogan is STABO, meanin "A sall staun".

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