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Clan Broun

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Clan Broun
DestrictEast Lothian
Sir Wayne Broun o Colstoun
14t Baronet o Colstoun
SeatHaddington, East Lothian
Historic seatCarsluith Castle

Clan Broun, cried Brown an aa, is a common Scots clan name, it wis locatit primarily in Lawland Scotland.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Origins o the Name[eedit | eedit soorce]

As well as the name bein Scots, Broun or Broun is an aa common name in Auld Inglis charters (as Brun) frae an adjective meanin broun or dairk reid. It occurs in Auld Hie German as Brunn an aa, an is the soorce o the French surname le Brun. A faimily o this name war superiors o land in Cumberland shortly efter the Norman conquest. In aw cases it seems tae be a name describin the appearance o the oreeginal ancestor.

It is forby foond as an Anglicisation o Mac a' Bhriuthainn (pron. "mac a vroon"), meanin "son o the brehon (judge)", which is uisually Anglicised as MacBrayne, or a direct translation o MacIlledhuinn.

Brouns in Scotland[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Brouns o Colstoun, the Chiefs o Clan Broun, claim strynd frae the Ryal Hoose o Fraunce. Thay bear on thair shield the three fleur-de-lys o the French Monarchy. The Brouns o Colstoun an aa claim strynd frae George Broun who in 1543 mairit Jean Hay seicont dochter o Lord Yester, ancestor o the Marquess o Tweeddale.

The dowry consistit o the "Colstoun Pear" which wis said tae hae been investit wi wondrous pouers bi the 13t Century wizard an necromancer Hugo de Gifford o Yester. This peir wis meant tae ensure unfailin prosperity on the faimily which possessd it. The peir wis said tae hae been as fresh as the day it wis picked till in the 17t Century a pregnant descendant, langin for the fruit which wis oot o saison, teuk a bite o it, whereupon it became as haurd as rock.

Patrick Broun o Colstoun wis creatit a Baronet o Nova Scotia in 1686, the title tae be passed on tae his male heirs. On his daith he left anerlie a dochter who inheritit his possessions while the title went tae the Thorndyke branch o the faimily. Members o a younger branch o Broun o Colstoun settled in Elsinore, Denmark whaur thay became prominent merchants; the name is still foond thare the day. During the Ceevil War Sir John Broun o Fordell commandit the ryalist airmy at the Battle o Inverkeithing in 1650.

Clan profile[eedit | eedit soorce]

Clan Castles[eedit | eedit soorce]

Seats o the Clan Broun hae includit: Bruntsfield Hoose an Carsluith Castle.

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