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Clan Graham

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Clan Graham
Greumaich nan Cearc (Highland Grahams only)[1]
Crest: A faucon Proper, beaked an airmed Or, killing a stork Argent, Airmed Gules
MottoNe oublie (Forget Not)[2]
DestrictLoch Katrine, Perthshire, Dundee an Munross[2]
Plant badgeLaurel[2]
Pipe muisicKilliecrankie[2]
The Maist Noble James
Duke o Munross (An Greumach Mòr)
SeatBuchanan Castle[3]
Historic seatMugdock Castle[3]

Clan Graham (Greumaich nan Cearc [ˈkɾʲeːmɪç nəŋʲ ˈkʲɛɾxk]) is a Scots clan that haed territories in baith the Scots Hielands an Lawlands.


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