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Clan Kelly

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The coat o arms that Alexander Nisbet attributed tae Kelly o that Ilk.

Clan Kelly is a Scots clan. The clan daes nae hae a chief recognised bi the Lord Lyon King o Arms, therefore the clan haes no staundin unner Scots Law. Clan Kelly is considered an armigerous clan, meanin that it is considered tae hae haed at ane time a chief who possessed the chiefly arms, houiver no ane at present is in possession o sic arms. The anly evidence for Clan Kelly is a reference tae Kelly o that Ilk bi Alexander Nisbet, who blazoned the arms or, a saltire sable between fower fleurs de lis azure.

The surname Kelly haes multiple different origins, wi the name originating in Ingland, Ireland an Scotland. The clan name mey be variant o Kelloe, a barony in the lands o Home in Berwickshire. Thare is an aa a Kelloe in Durham an anither in Northumberland. An early Scots bearer o the name wis William de Kellaw, who wis bailiff tae Alexander III in 1278. Anither wis Richard de Kellow, who is recorded in 1338 as a witness tae a charter in Roxburghshire. The name is an aa foond in Fife an Angus in twa place-names, for example Kellie Castle. In 1378, John de Kelly wis Abbot at Arbroath. Anither different group ar the Mackellies o Galloway an Wigtownshire. Thir mey likely be o "Celtic" strynd.