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Clan Mackenzie

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Clan Mackenzie
Mac Coinnich
Crest: A moont in flames Proper[1]
MottoLuceo non uro (I shine nae burn)[1]
SloganTulach Àrd (The heich hill or The heich knoll or "The heich hillock)
Plant badgevariegated holly or
deer's gress
John Ruaridh Grant Mackenzie
5t Earl o Cromartie (Caber Feidh[2])
SeatCastle Leod[3]
Historic seatEilean Donan Castle

Clan Mackenzie or Clan Mackenȝie is a Scots clan, tradeetionally associatit wi Kintail an launds in Ross-shire in the Scots Hielands.

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