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Scots cultur

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(Reguidit frae Cultur o Scotland)

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Scots Cultur is whit maist consither ti be the naitional cultur o Scotland the-day. Historicalie, houaniver, it be the cultur o the Scots Lawlands, as the Gaels o the Hielands haed an unalyk cultur an leid.

Scots law[eedit | eedit soorce]

Scotland aye haes Scots law, its ain European legal seistem foondit on Roman law, that brings thegither featurs o baith ceevil law an common law. The terms o union wi England specifee'd the haudin til o sindert seistems.

Langsyn thar wis sindrie regional law seistems in Scotland, ane bein Udal Law (cried allodail or odal law forby) in Shetland an Orkney. This wis a direk eftirganger o Auld Norse law, but wis duin awa wi in 1611. Mauger this, Scots coorts haes acknawledged the owerins o Udal law in sum haudin cases as newlins as the 1990s. Thar's a muivement ti bring back Udal law [1] til the ilands as pairt o a devolution o pouer frae Edinburgh ti Shetland an Orkney.

Scots eddication[eedit | eedit soorce]

Scotland haes a sinder Scots eddication seistem an aw. The Act o Union warrandit the richts o the Scots varsities, but mair important, Scotland wis the first kintra syne Sparta in clessical Greece til implement a seistem o general public eddication. This begoud wi the Eddication Act o 1696 an becam compulsorie for bairns frae the implementation o the Eddication Act o 1872 onwarts.

Acause o thon, for mair nor twa hunder yeir Scotland haed a heicher percentage o its population educate at primarie, seicondar an tertiarie levels nor onie ither kintra in Europe. The differs in eddication haes kyth'd in different weys, but maist merkit is the nummer o Scots that gaed on ti become leaders in thair feilds durin the 18t an 19t yeirhunders. The politeician Jim Wallace statit in October 2004 that Scotland produces a heicher nummer o varsitie an college graduates per heid nor onie ither kintra in Europe.

Skuil pupils in Scotland sits Staundart Grade exams an syn Higher (qualification) an/or Advanced Higher exams. Forby thon, a Scots varsitie's honors degree taks fower yeir o studie as agin thrie in the lave o the UK. The varsitie seistems in monie Commonwealth kintras shaws mair affeenities wi the Scots raither nor the Inglis seistem.

Baunkin an siller[eedit | eedit soorce]

Baunkin in Scotland haes monie aesome cairactereestics forby. Awtho the Bank o Ingland byds the central baunk for the UK Govrenment, thrie Scots corporat baunks aye stil sets furth thair ain baunknotes: the Baunk o Scotland, the Ryal Baunk o Scotland an the Clydesdale Baunk). Thir notes disna hae onie status as legal tender (awtho thay can aye be bruikit ootthrou the UK, in parteicular in Northren Ireland, whaur Irish baunks sets furth thair ain baunknotes anaw) an thay'r freelie acceptit in the Chainel Islands an aw. In Scotland, naither thay nor the Baunk o Ingland's notes ranks as legal tender (acause Scots law disna hae the concept); houaniver, baunknotes issued bi onie o the fower baunks is aye acceptit. See Scots baunk notes anaw.

For mair colloguin aboot this see Legal Tender (in Inglis).

The modren seistem o brainch baunkin (baunks haein a naitionwyd seistem o offises raither nor juist ane ot twa central offises) oreeginatit in Scotland. Juist strang poleetical pressur durin the 19t yeirhunder stappit the resultin strang baunkin seistem frae takkin ower baunkin in Ingland. Houaniver, awtho Scots baunks wisna walcum in Ingland at the tym, thair business model wis wydlie copied, first in England an syn in the lave o the warld. This isna ti say that the Scots baunkin seistem wis immune frae crises - specialie the foonderin o the City of Glasgow Bank in 1878.

The Saufins Baunk muvement wis clekit in Scotland in 1810 bi the Reverend Henry Duncan as a wey o lattin his pareeshioners sauf smawer amoonts o siller nor the major baunks wad tak as deposits at that tym. His model for the Ruthwell Parish Bank wis adoptit bi bien sponsors ootthrou the warld. The American exemplars eventualie becam Saufins an Loan Associes wi maist o the Breetish saufins baunks cumin thegither ti form the Trustee Savings Bank, that no lang syn merged wi the commercial baunk, Lloyds Bank, ti form Lloyds TSB. Houaniver the Airdrie Savings Baunk haudit on til its poseition ootsyd this process.

Forby thon, Scotland developit a nummer o pouerfu Life Assurance companies durin the 19t an 20t yeirhunders. Thir wis maistlins managed on the mutual model, offerin wi-profits investment as weil as pertection bisiness. Financial pressurs syn the 1980s haed led til thair demutualisations an maist is nou pairt o mukkiler financial institutions.

See [2] for mair wittins adae wi the history o Scots baunkin (in Inglis).

Sports[eedit | eedit soorce]

, see also Category:Sport in Scotland.

Scotland haes monie naitional sportin associes, sik as the Scots Fitbaa Association (SFA) or the Scots Rugby Union (SRU). This gies the kintra its ain representation at monie internaitional sportin events sik as the Fitbaa Warld Cup. Scotland canna compete in the Olympic Games itsel tho, an Scots athletes maun compete as pairt o the Great Breetain team gin thay want ti tak pairt. Houaniver Scotland dis send its ain team ti compete in the Commonweal Games.

Forby Scotland haes its ain sportin competitions apairt frae the lave o the UK. The main fitbaa competeetions is the leags organized bi the Scots Premier League an the Scots Fitbaa League. Teams in the Hieland Fitbaa League, the East o Scotland Fitbaw League an the Sooth o Scotland Fitbaa League competes in the Scots Cup anaw, whyl the Scots Junior Fitbaa Association is ootwi that structur. Scots fitbaa clubs compete in internaitional competeetions, sik as the UEFA Europa League an the Champions League, baith o whilk hae been wan bi Scots clubs.

The Scots Rugby Union is responsibil Rugby in Scotland. Regional Scots rugby clubs competes forby in the Celtic League, alang wi teams frae Ireland an Wales an in the Heineken Cup, the European League for Rugby Union. Mony ither teams speil in the twa divisions o the Scots Premiership.

Scotland is conseider'd the "Hame o Gowf", an is weil kent for its coorses. As weil as its warld-famed Hieland Gemmes (athletic competeetions), it is the hame o curlin, an shinty, a stick gemm seemlar til Ireland's hurlin, an Ingland's field hockey. Scots cricket is a minoritie gemm but wi sum follaein an lang establisht aimateur leags.

Media[eedit | eedit soorce]

, see also Category:Media in Scotland.

Scotland haes its ain sindrie media frae the lave o the UK. For ensaumpil, it produces mony naitional newspapers sik as the Daily Record (Scotland's foremaist tabloid), the braidsheet The Herald, based in Glesga, an The Scotsman in Edinburgh. The Herald, ae-tym kent as the Glasgow Herald, chynged its name ti promote a naitional raither nor regional identitie, whyl The Scotsman, whilk uised ti be a braidsheet, recentlie chynged ti tabloid. Sunday newspapers include the tabloid Sunday Mail (publisht bi Daily Record parent companie Trinity Mirror) an the Sunday Post, whyl the Sunday Herald an Scotland on Sunday hae links wi The Herald an The Scotsman respekivlie. Regional dailies include The Courier and Advertiser in Dundee an the eist, an The Press and Journal servin Aiberdeen an the north.

Scotland haes its ain BBC services whilk includes the naitional radio stations, BBC Radio Scotland an the Scots Gaelic leid radio service, BBC Radio nan Gaidheal. Thar ar a nummer o BBC an independent local radio stations athort the kintra anaw.

BBC Scotland awns twa television stations an aw. BBC Alba is the new Scots Gaelic television channel, braidcastin on Sky, Freesat an Virgin media. Hantil o the ootpit o BBC Scotland Television, sik as news an current maiters programs, an the Glesga-based soap opera, River City, ar intendit for braidcast athin Scotland, whyl ithers, sik as drama an comedy programs, ar for audiences awplace in the UK an ayont.

Sports kiverage is different an aw, maistlins acause Scotland haes its ain fitbaa leags, lykweys til Ingland, Wales an Northren Ireland.

Maist o Scotland haes anither channel braidcastin an aw, STV. The Scots Borders an Dumfries an Gallowa git ITV Border, whilk wis its ain braund but is nou pairt o the ITV netwirk.

Fuid an drink[eedit | eedit soorce]

, see also Category:Scots fuid.

Tradeitional Scots cuisine inhauds fuid sik as haggis, Buccleuch Scotch beef, the Arbroath Smokie, salmon, venison, cranachan, bannock, Scotch Broth an shortbreid. A mair recent upmak is the Deep fried Mars bar.

Scotch whisky an its distilleries ar baith weil-kent athort the warld, wi faur kent braunds sik as Glenfiddich an The Famous Groose.

Irn-Bru, Scotland's ither naitional drink, is luved bi baith Scots an non-Scots as weil.

Arts[eedit | eedit soorce]

, see also Category:Arts in Scotland.

Other facets of Scottish culture[eedit | eedit soorce]

See also Category:Scottish culture.

Scotland retains its ain distink senss o naitionheid. Academic research consistentlie kyths that fowk in Scotland feel Scots, whyl nar necessarilie feelin the need ti see that owerset intil the foondin o an unthirlt Scots state.

Scotland haes its ain faimlie o leids an dialeks anaw, helpin ti foster a strang senss o "Scots-ness". See Scots language an Scots Gaelic. An organisation cried Iomairt Cholm Cille (http://www.colmcille.net) haes been set-up ti support Gaelic-spaekin communities in baith Scotland an Ireland an ti promote links atwein thaim.

Scotland retains its ain naitional kirk, sindert frae thon o Ingland. See Kirk o Scotland an Religion in the Unitit Kinrick.

The patron saunts o Scotland ar Saunt Margaret an Saunt Andra, an St Andra's Day is celebrated in the kintra on 30 November.

Thir factors combyn thegither ti furm a strang, identifiabil Scots ceivic cultur.

Miscellaneous[eedit | eedit soorce]

Scotland's iconic claims t fame include:

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