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Clan Gunn

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Crest badge suitable tae be worn bi members o Clan Gunn.

Clan Gunn is a Scots clan associated wi northeastren Scotland, includin Caithness an Sutherland as well as the Orkney Islands.The clan's oreegins stretch ower the sea tae Norawa, an the Clan Gunn thairsels claim strynd frae the legendary Sweyn Asleifsson, the sae-cried 'Ultimate Viking', the progenitor o the clan, an throu his grandson Gunni, considered tae be the "namefaither" o Clan Gunn. The clan is an armigerous clan, athoot a chief, sae the Lord Lyon haes appointit a clan commander.

Clan Profile

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  • Gaelic Name: Guinne (Surname)
  • Motto: Aut Pax Aut Bellum; translatit literally as "Either peace or war", colloquially translatit as "In peace an war" or, alternately, wi the raised swuird o the crest, as "Staund ready for peace or war."
  • Slogan: Clyth
  • Pipe Muisic: "The Gunn's Salute"
  • Plant Badge: Juniper.


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Iain Alexander Gunn o Banniskirk wis appointit Commander o Clan Gunn, bi commission o Lord Lyon on 9 Juin 1972.