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Clan Scott

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Clan Scott
Crest: A stag trippant, encircled in a leather strap inscribed wi the chief’s motto "Amo" meanin "I Love".
MottoAmo (I love)[1]
War cry‘a Bellendaine! ("To Bellendaine!") Also, "The Scotts are out!"
RegionThe Mairches[1]
Plant badgeBlaeberry[1]
Richard Walter John Montagu Douglas Scott[2]
The 10t Duke o Buccleuch an the
12t Duke o Queensberry
SeatBowhill Hoose
Historic seatDalkeith Palace

Clan Scott is a Scots clan an is recognised as sic bi the Laird Lyon Keeng o Airms.[3]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Frae wha strynd the Lairds Polwarth.
  2. Notable members o this branch include baith Walter Scott o Harden the Border Reiver an Walter Scott the Scots historical novelist.

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