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Clan Walkinshaw

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Crest badge suitable tae be worn bi members o Clan Walkinshaw.

Clan Walkinshaw is a Scots clan. It daes nae hae a chief recognised bi the Lord Lyon King of Arms therefore the clan haes no staundin unner Scots Law. Clan Walkinshaw is considered an armigerous clan, meanin that it is considered tae hae haed at ane time a chief who possessed the chiefly arms, houiver no ane at present is in possession o sic arms.

The surname Walkinshaw is a habitational name derived frae Walkinshaw in Renfrewshire. The name probably oreeginates frae the Old Inglis elements wealcere "fuller" an sceaga "copse". Clan Walkinshaw descends frae a Douglas who wis a judge in the earldom o Lennox. In 1235 he made ower his lands o Knock, an the Abbey o Paisley, for the lands o Walkinshaw. Members o the clan became hereditary foresters tae the High Stewards o Scotland in the barony o Renfrew. The arms o Walkinshaw allude tae this office o hereditary forester. The clan's lands wur in possession o the principal faimily until thay passed throu an heiress tae the Walkinshaws o Little Fulwood, an then later tae the Walkinshaws o Garturk who sunsequently styled themselves as "o that Ilk". Ither cadet branches of Clan Walkinshaw wur the Walkinshaws o Burrowfield an o Scotston. The day members o Clan Walkinshaw mey wear a crest badge based upon the heraldry in the arms o Walkinshaw o that Ilk. The crest within the crest badge is a a martlet, an the motto is IN SEASON.