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Airms o Bissett.

Clan Bissett (Bisey, Byset, Bisset or Bissert) is a Scots clan o Anglo-Norman oreegin. It does no hae a clan chief recognised bi the Lord Lyon King of Arms, therefore the clan haes nae standin unner Scots law. Clan Bissett is considered an armigerous clan, meanin that it is considered tae hae haed at ane time a chief who possessed the chiefly airms, housomeivver nae ane at present is in possession o such airms.

Clan profile[eedit | eedit soorce]

Motto: (Laitin: Abscissa Virescit - Inglis That torn down re-grows) Crest: The trunk o an oak tree sproutin afresh Proper.

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