Scots law

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Scots Law is a legal seestem foondit on Roman law, that brings thegither featurs o baith ceevil law an common law. The terms o union atween Scotland an Ingland specifeed the retention o separate seestems.

Aforetimes there wis sindrie regional law seestems in Scotland, ane bein Udal Law (cryed allodail or odal law forbye) in Shetland an Orkney. This wis a direct descendant o Auld Norse Law, but wis duin awa wi in 1611. Mauger this, Scots coorts haes acknowledged the owerins o udal law in some property cases as recently as the 1990s. There's a muvement tae bring back udal law [1] tae the islands as pairt o a devolution o pouer frae Edinburgh tae Shetland an Orkney.

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