Clan Keith

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Clan Keith
MottoDexter: Quae amissa salva (Whit has been lost is safe)
Sinister: Veritas vincit (Truth conquers)
On compartment: Thay say: quhat they say: thay haif sayed: let thame say
SloganA Keith, Veritas Vincit (also Truth Prevails)
War cryA Keith, Veritas Vincit
RegionLawlands an Hielands
DestrictEast Lowden, Aiberdeenshire (lawlands), an Caithness (hielands)
Plant badgeWhite Rose
James William Falconer Keith
14t Earl o Kintore
SeatKeith Hall, Aberdeenshire
Historic seatKeith Marischal House
Dunnottar Castle
Fetteresso Castle

Clan Keith is a Scots clan, whase chief historically held the hereditary teetle o Great Marischal o Scotland.[1]

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