Clan Keith

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Clan Keith
Motto Dexter: Quae amissa salva (Whit has been lost is safe)
Sinister: Veritas vincit (Truth conquers)
On compartment: Thay say: quhat they say: thay haif sayed: let thame say
Slogan A Keith, Veritas Vincit (also Truth Prevails)
War cry A Keith, Veritas Vincit
Region Lawlands an Hielands
Destrict East Lowden, Aiberdeenshire (lawlands), an Caithness (hielands)
Plant badge White Rose
Ainimal Stag
Earl of Kintore COA.svg
James William Falconer Keith
14t Earl o Kintore
Seat Keith Hall, Aberdeenshire
Historic seat Keith Marischal House
Dunnottar Castle
Fetteresso Castle

Clan Keith is a Scots clan, whase chief historically held the hereditary teetle o Great Marischal o Scotland.[1]

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