Clan Ged

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Crest badge suitable for members o Clan Ged.
Airms o the Chief o clan Ged, The Ged o that Ilk.

Clan Ged is a Scots clan. The clan daes no currently hae a chief recognised bi the Lord Lyon King of Arms an is considered an armigerous clan. Athoot a recognised chief the clan haes nae staundin unner Scots Law. In Scotland, the surname Ged an Geddes mey be derived frae the place-name Geddes in Nairn. Anither possibility is that it is derived frae the Auld Inglis gedda, a nickname meanin pike. The coats o airms o Ged an Geddes contain three pike, referrin tae thair surnames. The Inglis wird for pike is luce, an several Norman families named de Lucy hae pike on thair coats o airms. Ane unsupportit possibility is that ane sic faimily moved tae Scotland an adoptit the surnames Ged or Geddes. An early record o the clan name is foond in the Privy Council, which records the respite grantit tae James Tweedie efter the murther o William Geddes in 1558.

The crest badge suitable for members o Clan Ged is derived frae the airms o Ged o that Ilk, which is recordit in the Lyon Register. The crest badge contains the crest a pike's head Proper an the motto DURAT DITAT PLACET (frae Latin: "it sustains, it enriches, it pleases"). The crest o a pike is a pun on the clan name. The uise o pike on the airms is an example o cantin airms, as a ged is the heraldic term for a pike.

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