Robert Lindsay, 29t Earl o Crawford

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The Earl o Crawford and Balcarres

Minister o State for Foreign an Commonweal Affairs
In office
5 November 1972 – 4 March 1974
MonarchElizabeth II
Prime MeenisterEdward Heath
Precedit biJoseph Godber
Succeedit biDavid Ennals
Minister o State fur Defence
In office
23t June 1970 – 5 November 1972
MonarchElizabeth II
Prime MeenisterEdward Heath
Precedit biOffice established
Succeedit biIan Gilmour
Memmer o the House of Lords
Hereditar peerage
13 December 1975 – 11 November 1999
Precedit biThe 28th Earl of Crawford and Balcarres
Succeedit biSeat abolished
Life peerage
24 January 1975 – 28 November 2019[1]
Member o the United Kingdom Pairlament
for Welwyn Hatfield
In office
28 February 1974 – 20 September 1974
Precedit biConstituency established
Succeedit biHelene Hayman
Member o Pairlament
for Hertford
In office
26 May 1955 – 8 February 1974
Precedit biSir Derek Walker-Smith
Succeedit biConstituency abolished
Personal details
BornRobert Alexander Lindsay
5 Mairch 1927(1927-03-05)
Dee'd18 Mairch 2023(2023-03-18) (aged 96)
Balcarres Hoose, Fife, Scotland
Poleetical pairtyConservative
Spoose(s)Ruth Meyer-Bechtler (m. 1949; d. 2021)
FaitherDavid Lindsay, 28th Earl of Crawford
EddicationEton College
Alma materTrinity College, Cambridge
The Star of the Thistle

Robert Alexander Lindsay, 29th Earl o Crawford, 12t Earl o Balcarres, Baron Balniel, KT GCVO PC DL (5i Mairch 1927 – 18i Mairch 2023),[2] kent by courtesy as Lord Balniel atween 1940 an 1975, wis a Scots hereditar peer an Conservative politìcian wha wis a memmer o the Breitish Pairlament frae 1955 til 1974. Lord Crawford an Balcarres wis chief o Clan Lindsay an forby ackit, frae 1975 til 2019, as Premier Earl o Scotland.

Efter the October 1974 general election, he wis made a life peer an jyned the Houoe o Lairds. Follaein the daith o Laird Eden o Winton on 23 May 2020, Lindsay becam the survivin umwhile MP wi the airliest date o first election, haein first entert the Pairlament at the 1955 general election.[2]

Lord Crawford deed at Balcarres Hoose on the 18t Mairch 2023, eildit 96.[3] His titles wis seen ower tae his eldest son, Anthony.[2]

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