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Edinburgh Castle

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A pictur o Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Castle is a castle in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is biggit on a hill in the Edinburrie ceety centre.[1] It is 1,100 year auld an wis said tae hae bin 'the most beseiged' place in Great Britain.[2] It is whaur the Kings o Scots, like David I, Malcolm IV an ithers haed bided.[3] It wis gien tae the Inglis in a treaty bi William the Lion, bit returnt tae him, as a tocher.[4] In 1296 it was taen in war by Inglis king Edward I.[5] On 14 Mairch 1314, it was taen back bi the Scots, an this wis telt anent in the The Brus.[6] with the fechtin in the Jacobite risins bein the last time there wis battle at the castle.[7]

The castle esplanade hauds an annual militar tattoo, wi bagpipes an militar mairches an ither displays o skeels. It wis named in 2018, as 'the greatest show on earth' (in Inglis) wi 100 - 300 million fowk seein it on TV.[8]


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