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Mexico Ceety

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(Reguidit frae Mexico City)
Mexico Ceety
Ciudad de México
Ceety o Mexico
Clockwise frae top: skyline o Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico Ceety Metropolitan Cathedral, Skyline o Polanco, Palacio de Bellas Artes, The Naitional Pailace, Aungel o Unthirldom an Torre Latinoamericana
Banner o Mexico Ceety
Official seal of Mexico Ceety
La Ciudad de los Palacios
(Ceety o Palaces)
México Ceety athin Mexico
México Ceety athin Mexico
Coordinates: 19°26′N 99°8′W / 19.433°N 99.133°W / 19.433; -99.133Coordinates: 19°26′N 99°8′W / 19.433°N 99.133°W / 19.433; -99.133
Kintra Mexico
EntityFederal Destrict
    • 13 Mairch 1325: Tenochtitlan[1]
    • 13 August 1521:
      Ciudad de México[2]
    • 18 November 1824: Distrito Federal[3]
  • Govrenment
     • Heid o GovrenmentMarcelo Ebrard PRD
     • Senators[4]Pablo Gómez PRD
    René Arce PRD
    Federico Döring PAN
     • Deputies[5]
     • Total1485 km2 (573 sq mi)
     Rankit 32nt
    2420 m (7,940 ft)
    Highest elevation3930 m (12,890 ft)
     • Total8,851,080
     • Rank2nt
     • Density6,000/km2 (15,000/sq mi)
     • Density rank1st
    Demonym(s)Capitalino (a)
    Defeño (a)
    Mexiqueño (a)
    Chilango (a)
    Time zoneUTC−6 (CST)
     • Summer (DST)UTC−5 (CDT)
    Postal code
    Area code
    ISO 3166 codeMX-DFE
    HDIIncrease 0.922 Very High Ranked 1st
    GDP1.527 trillion pesos[8]
    WebsiteOffeecial Wab Steid
    ^ b. Area o the Federal Destrict that includes nan-urban areas at the sooth

    Mexico Ceety (Spaingie: Ciudad de México) is the caipital an mucklest ceety in Mexico as well as the mucklest ceety in North Americae an ane o the mucklest ceeties in the warld. Mexico Ceety is the seat o the federal govrenment, a federal entity athin Mexico that isnae pairt o ony o the 31 Mexican states but belangs tae the federation as a hale. Mexico Ceety is the maist important poleetical, cultural, an financial centre in the kintra.

    As an "alpha" global ceety, Mexico Ceety is ane o the maist important financial centers in Americae that is locatit in the Glen o Mexico, a muckle glen in the heich plateaus at the centre o Mexico, at an altitude o 2,240 metres (7,350 ft). The ceety consists o saxteen burghs.

    The 2009 estimatit population for the ceety proper wis aroond 8.84 million fowk, an haes a land area o 1,485 square kilometres (573 sq mi). Accordin tae the maist recent definition greed upon bi the federal an state govrenments, the Mexico Ceety metropolitan area population is 21.2 million fowk makkin it the mucklest metropolitan area in the Americaes an the third mucklest agglomeration in the warld.

    Mexico Ceety haes a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) o $390 billion USD in 2008, makin Mexico Ceety the aicht richest ceety in the warld. The ceety wis responsible for generatin 21% o Mexico's Gross Domestic Product an the metropolitan area accoontit for 34% o tot naitional GDP. As o 2008, the ceety proper, as opposed tae the metropolitan area, haed a nominal income per caipita o $25,258 USD, on par wi the GDP per capita o Portugal, an significantly abuin kintras lik the Czech Republic.

    The ceety wis oreeginally biggit on an island o Loch Texcoco bi the Aztecs in 1325 as Tenochtitlan, that wis amaist completely destroyed in the siege o 1521, an subsequently redesigned an rebuilt in accordance wi the Spaingie urban staundarts. In 1524, the municipality o Mexico Ceety wis established, kent as México Tenustitlán, an as o 1585 it wis offeecially kent as La Ciudad de México (Mexico Ceety). Mexico Ceety served as the poleetical, admeenistrative an financial centre o a major pairt o the Spaingie colonial empire. Efter unthirldom frae Spain wis achieved, the Federal Destrict wis creatit in 1824.

    Efter years o demandin greater poleetical autonomy, residents war gien the richt tae directly elect the Heid o Govrenment an the representatives o the unicameral Legislative Assembly bi popular vote in 1997. Iver syne, the left-wing Pairty o the Democratic Revolution (PRD) haes controlled baith o them. In recent years, the local govrenment haes passed a wave o leeberal policies, lik abortion on request tae ony woman up tae 12 weeks intae a pregnancy.

    Internaitional relations[eedit | eedit soorce]

    Twin touns — Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

    Mexico Ceety is twinned wi:


    Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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