Burghs o Mexico Ceety

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Mexico Ceety — poleetically an admeenistratively constitutit as the Federal Destrict — is dividit intae saxteen burghs (Spaingie: delegaciones) for admeenistrative purposes. They constitute seicont-level admeenistrative diveeisions, on par wi the municipalities o Mexico. Housomeivver, unlike municipalities, they dae no hae regulatory pouers an are no fully autonomous in their internal admeenistration. As o 2000, the citizens athin a burgh elect bi plurality a heid o govrenment, kent simply as "burgh heid" (Spainyie: jefe delegacional). The DF recordit an offeecial 2010 census tally o 8,851,080 indwallers.[1]

Admeenistrative diveesions[eedit | eedit soorce]

Burghs o the Federal Destrict
MX-DF-División política.svg
Burgh Population (2005)[2] Population (2010)[3] Area (km²)[2]
Álvaro Obregón 706,567 727,034 96
Azcapotzalco 425,298 414,711 34
Benito Juárez 355,017 385,439 27
Coyoacán 628,063 620,416 54
Cuajimalpa 173,625 186,391 71
Cuauhtémoc 521,348 531,831 33
Gustavo A. Madero 1,193,161 1,185,772 88
Iztacalco 395,025 384,326 23
Iztapalapa 1,820,888 1,815,786 113
Magdalena Contreras 228,927 239,086 64
Miguel Hidalgo 353,534 372,889 46
Milpa Alta 115,895 130,582 288
Tláhuac 344,106 360,265 86
Tlalpan 607,545 650,567 312
Venustiano Carranza 447,459 430,978 34
Xochimilco 404,458 415,007 118
Total 8,720,916 8,851,080 1,487

Politics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Burghs the Federal Destrict
MX-DF-División política.svg
Burgh Burgh Heid[4]
Álvaro Obregón PRD party.png Eduardo Pérez Santillán
Azcapotzalco PRD party.png Enrique Vargas Anaya
Benito Juárez PAN party.png Mario Alberto Palacios Acosta
Coyoacán PRD party.png Raúl Antonio Flores García
Cuajimalpa PAN party.png Carlos Orvañanos Rea
Cuauhtémoc PRD party.png Agustín Torres Pérez
Gustavo A. Madero PRD party.png Víctor Hugo Lobo Román
Iztacalco PRD party.png Francisco Javier Sánchez Cervantes
Iztapalapa PRD party.png Clara Marina Brugada Molina
Magdalena Contreras PRD party.png Eduardo Hernández Rojas
Miguel Hidalgo PAN party.png Demetrio Javier Sodi de la Tijera
Milpa Alta PRD party.png Francisco García Flores
Tláhuac PRD party.png Rubén Escamilla Salinas
Tlalpan PRD party.png Higinio Chávez García
Venustiano Carranza PRD party.png Rafael Alejandro Piña Medina
Xochimilco PRD party.png Manuel González González

Borderin municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Distrito Federal (Mexico Ceety) as a whole is bordered directly bi the follaein municipalities, goin clockwise, stairtin frae the wast-soothwast.

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