Plurality votin seestem

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Plurality voting is an electoral seestem in whilk ilka voter is alloued tae vote fur anerly the ae candidate, an the candidate wha gains the maist votes amang thair marraes (a plurality) is electit. In a seestem based on single-member districts, it mey be cried first-past-the-post (FPTP), single-choice votin, simple plurality or relative/simple majority. In a system based on multi-memmer districts, it mey be referred to as bloc votin. The seestem is aften uised fur tae elect memmers o a legislative assemmly or executive officers. It is the maist common form o the seestem, and is uised in Canadae, the laicher house (Lok Sabha) in Indie, maist elections in the Unitit Kinrick (ootwi some Scots and Northren Irish elections), an maist Unitit States elections.