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Location o Tláhuac in the Federal Destrict

Tláhuac is ane o the 16 delegaciones (burghs) intae which Mexico's Federal Destrict is dividit. It is locatit on the sooth east edge o the destrict an while hintle is still landwart in character, it haes been unnergoin urbanization wi the fastest rate o population growthe in Mexico Ceety se the 1960s. Maist o this urbanization is occurrin in the northwast o the burgh an in some o the lairger commonties, wi the sooth an east still haein significant tracts o fermland, which are unner conservation. Hintle the aurie is umwhile lakebed whaur Loch Chalco an Loch Xochimilco met, wi the toun o San Pedro Tláhuac oreeginally on an island. Thare are still some loch auries alang wi fower major canals an wetlands, unner conservation status an aw. The urbanization haes led tae serious traffec an transportation problems as well as the completion o Line 12 o the Mexico Ceety Metro in 2012, which a terminal in the burgh.

Coordinates: 19°18′15″N 99°03′15″W / 19.30417°N 99.05417°W / 19.30417; -99.05417