Ecatepec de Morelos

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San Cristóbal Ecatepec de Morelos
Saunt Cristóbal Ecatepec o Morelos
Ecatepec explanada.JPG
Offeecial seal o Ecatepec
Ecatepec is locatit in Mexico
Coordinates: 19°36′35″N 99°03′36″W / 19.60972°N 99.06000°W / 19.60972; -99.06000
Kintra Mexico
StateState o Mexico
Municipal Status1861
 • Municipal PresesIndalecio Ruiz Velazquez
 (2010 Census (provisional))
 • Municipality1,658,806
Time zoneUTC−6 (CST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC−5 (CDT)
Postal code (of seat)
Wabsteid(in Spaingie)

Ecatepec de Morelos, offeecially San Cristóbal Ecatepec de Morelos, is a ceety an municipality in the State o Mexico an the seat o Ecatepec de Morelos Municipality; housomeivver, baith the ceety an the municipality are aften kent simply as "Ecatepec". The name "Ecatepec" is derivit frae Nahuatl, an means "windy hill" or "hill devotit tae Ehecatl". It wis an alternative name or invocation tae Quetzalcoatl an aw.[1] "Morelos" is the surname o José María Morelos, a hero o the Mexican War o Unthirldom.

The ceety is practically co-extensive wi the municipality wi the ceety's 2005 population o 1,687,549 bein 99.9% o the tot municipal population o 1,688,258.[2] The proveesional population at the 2010 Census wis 1,658,806. The ceety forms the maist populous suburb o Mexico Ceety (Ciudad de México).

"San Cristóbal" (Saunt Christopher) is the ceety's patron saunt, whose feast day is celebratit on 25 Julie o each year.[1]

Pynts o interest include the newest Catholic Cathedral in Mexico, Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, several colonial era kirks an the colonel edifice Casa de los virreyes.[1]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

House o cultur.

Remains o earliest human inhabitation o the aurie hae been foond on the nearbi Cerro (Hill) de Ecatepec. Durin the Aztec empire, the Mexicas uised the toun tae control trade routes goin north.[1]

Ecatepec wis considered an "República de Indios" (Indie Republic) 1560, allouin the veelage tae maintain a certain amoont o autonomy an keepin the succession o tlatoani or chiefs. Housomeivver, in the first pairt o the 17t century, this wis chyngit tae a mayorship, wi the Spainyie admeenistratin, alang wi the commonties o Zumpango an Xalostoc.[3]

On 1 October 1877, San Cristóbal Ecatepec wis declared a veelage an "de Morelos" wis addit tae its name.[3]

The naitional hero José María Morelos wis executit in Ecatepec in 1815 bi the Spaingie durin the Mexican War o Unthirldom. The hoose in which he wis executit is nou the Museo Casa de Morelos (Museum Hoose o Morelos). Ecatepec wis declared a ceety on 1 Dizember 1980.[1]

In Apryle 1995, the remains o a mammoth wur foond in Colonia Ejidos de San Cristóbal, whare the auncient lakes o Xaltocan-Ecatepec an Texcoco came thegither an whare the Aztecs big a dam tae keep the fresh an salty watters separate. The bones hae been tentatively datit tae aroond 10,500 years B.C.[3]

The municipality[eedit | eedit soorce]

Amaist aw o the population (99.934%) lives in its ane urban locality, Ecatepec de Morelos, the maist populous locality (ceety) in Mexico except for the Iztapalapa Burgh o Mexico Ceety. Thare are sax landwart localities (ceeties, touns, an veelages) in the municipality an aw, hauf o which reportit nae population in the 2010 census:[4]

Name 2010 Census Population
Ecatepec de Morelos 1,655,015
Mesa de los Leones 578
Tierra Blanca Segunda Sección (Ejido Ecatepec) 480
Vista Hermosa 34
Banco de Tepetate (La Tepetatera) 0
Caseta Trece Curva del Diablo 0
El Tejocote 0
Tot Municipality 1,656,107

Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ciudad Estado País
Cuautla, Morelos  Morelos, Mexico
Guadalupe, Zacatecas  Zacatecas, Mexico 5 Juin 2009:[5]
Caracas  Venezuela:[6]
Namyangju  Sooth Korea [7]

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